Work Comp

Workers’ compensation insurance in Arizona works two ways: it protects your employees and it protects your business.

If an employee is injured on the job, workers compensation insurance will pay for medical care, disability — whether permanent or temporary, as well as death benefits and lost wages for the injured employee. If you are found to be liable for employee injury or illness, workers compensation will protect you and your business.

This type of insurance is often mandatory.

Jackson Insurance Group can advise you as to whether your business is required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. We can also explore coverage options for you.

We offer several value-added options for our workers’ compensation policyholders.  These include assistance with OSHA compliance, Unit Stat Filings, assistance in lowering mod factors, audit reviews, developing claims protocols, developing employee safety and return to work programs.

As an independent insurance agent we represent multiple top-rated insurance companies, and can get you the right coverage that fits your unique situation, and budget.

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